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This is a check list of the steps involved in starting a nonprofit in Michigan. Other documents that will be helpful are "Starting a Tax Exempt Non-Profit in Michigan" and "Planning Tools for Non-Profit Organizations".  Both of these documents are available on this site.

Nonprofit Purpose and Tax-Exempt Status

For many nonprofits, tax-exempt status is everything. Not only does this exemption allow nonprofits to avoid federal corporate taxes, but allows donors to write off their contributions at the end of the year. In many states, IRS-granted, tax-exempt status can also open doors to other exemptions on property taxes and sales tax. But when filing the application for exemption, the process is daunting, if not utterly overwhelming.

Non-profits Using Savvy Marketing To Further Their Mission

There are 1.4 million non-profits (tax exempt) in the United States today. And, 61% have annual revenues under $100,000.

Non-profits are using savvy marketing to further their mission.

7% have revenue of $100K-$250K
4% have revenue of $250K-$500K
3% have revenue of $500K-$1M
4% have revenue of $1M-$5M
1% have revenue of $5M-$10M
1% have revenue > $10M
19% unreported

Donations Facts

72% comes from individuals

15% from foundations

6% from coorporations

Robert Hersh

Robert Hersh

Current City: Miami, FL
Chapter: Miami Dade

ROBERT HERSH Dynamic High Energy Executive and Change Agent in Profit and Non-Profit Industries Current Executive Director at Temple Beth Am and Temple Beth Am Day School Past President at Robert Hersh Consulting Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Catalina Lighting Robert Hersh Summary Senior Executive who has led both profit and non-profit companies to reach and exceed their goal through increasing revenue and containing costs using strategic change. A skilled motivator enabling all levels of organizations to work harmoniously towards meeting stretch goals to enhance stakeholders equity. Possesses outstanding organizational skills with a laser focus on quality, detail, and customer service. An entrepreneur who transformed a start up into multi-national $200+ million dollar public company. with operational, manufacturing and financial acumen. Team builder who has expanded beyond the profit world into the non-profit world seamlessly. Always looking for new challenges Experience: Executive Director Temple Beth Am and Temple Beth Am Day School Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry December 2004 – Present (9 years 8 months) Miami, Florida Contracted, in December 2004 as executive consultant to the Board of Directors of this 1,250 member reform synagogue, with a Day School of 400 children located in Miami, Florida, at a time when change was required to sustain the financial viability of this 60 year old organization. Hired as Executive Director July 2005. Improved operating results from a $750,000 deficit to a surplus of $250,000 using an entrepreneurial approach to create new revenue streams, and cost cutting, without compromising integrity or quality. • Starting January 2004, became Chief Operating and Financial Officer with budget of over $8,500,000. Led the culmination and collection of a $23 million dollar Capital Campaign and managed the construction and renovation of the 14 acre campus comprised of over 140,000 square feet of occupied space. • Implemented an audit of all line items of operational budget streamlining operations. Reorganized administrative and financial functions. Upgraded financial management and key staff members which led to timely financial reporting. Through forensic accounting, financial records were created for three years of incomplete and inaccurate information and finalized by audited financial statements. • Automated record keeping through the implementation of new accounting software enabling the creation of monthly financial statements, budgets and other records to enable management and lay leaders to continually monitor the financial health of the organization, These records made it possible for the temple to be current with all obligations to have audited financial statements in place by 12/31 of each fiscal year. • Negotiated a $6 million line of credit to fund daily operations as well as complete a capital improvements. .Using an entrepreneurial approach raised additional bottom line results through the implementation of additional allied programming using existing facilities and staff creating new “bottom line” income exceeding $250,000. President Robert Hersh Consulting 2001 – 2005 (4 years) Various Retained by the Leonard Green Company to mentor existing CEO of Intercontinental Art, a manufacturer and distributor of consumer art products to the mass retailers with sales of approximately $100 million dollars. Focused on administrative and major sales segments of the company creating new market opportunities and streamlining logistics. Brought in new major big box retailers to increase market share. Retained by First Florida Surveying Company, a private S. Florida based company, to focus management on regaining market share and improving all administrative and financial functions. Created reporting tools to enable ownership to better manage the business and return to profitability. Returned the company to profitability thus creating the opportunity for owners to enable sale of company to new investors. Consulted for major Investment Company's Capital Markets Group, which owned all, or part of 13 public and private companies seeking capital for growth and expansion. As an executive consultant, advised, mentored and coached executive management of tier 1 portfolio companies. Interim positions held included executive, chief executive, CEO Coach and liaison between the companies in the Capital Market Group. Companies included: Go Antiques: Negotiated replacement of owner/CEO, closed redundant facilities, created marketing plan. Miller Golf: Brought financial reporting up to date, evaluated inventory and manufacturing, eventually recommending to ownership the closing of this failing business. Superior Galleries: Worked with the CEO of this public entity to consolidate locations, reduce inventories, close losing operations and hire a new CFO. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Catalina Lighting, Inc. N.Y.S.E. Listed; 51-200 employees; Consumer Goods industry March 1984 – July 2001 (17 years 5 months) Miami Lakes, Florida Top-ranking executive providing the vision, strategy and leadership growing a start-up company into a $230 million, world class manufacturer and distributor of lighting and lamp products doing business in domestic and international markets. Over 17 years led the company through dynamic growth, global reorganization and turnaround, public offerings and culture change. Credited with driving the company to rank as the major player in an intensely competitive global market. As President/CEO held full P&L accountability and decision making authority over every aspect of the business concurrent with directing all core areas of operations in ten global sites and managing the global supply chain. Managed multi-site operations with an aggressive drive on top-line performance and an unwavering eye of bottom line outcomes. Earned confidence and gained consensus from the Board of Directors of several high-impact, enterprise-wide strategies and initiatives. Served as the driving force and executor of enterprise-level structuring, development, growth and performance improvement initiatives (IT solutions, business processes, manufacturing best-practices and quality programs, supplier networks, financial controls) Served in high-profile senior executive roles providing forward-thinking vision and making difficult decisions having positive impact on the growth and sustainable profitability of the company Secured favorable financing for the construction of a 475,000 distribution center in Mississippi with labor and tax relief advantages with the State, signifcantly improving customer lead times Changed the company from an importer and distributor to a manufacturer by purchasing Go Gro Industries in Hong Kong and China. Negotiated and consummated the $15 million deal as well as the building of a 750,000 state of the art manufacturing facility in mainland China. Negotiated/consummated purchase of Ring, PLC a $125 Million dist. of lighting in the UK. Education Kellogg School of Management Scholar of Non-Profit Management, Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management 2012 – 2013 University of Miami - School of Business Bachelor of Business Administration, Management and Accounting 1964 – 1968 Activities and Societies: Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Honorary \ Robert Hersh's Certifications • Certificate of Professional Achievement in Non-Profit Management o Kellogg School of Non-Profit Management




University of Miami, B.B.A. Major in Management and Accounting

Kellogg School of Management, Kellogg Executive Scholar

This 14 page booklet provides specific information about starting a Non-Profit in Michigan.  It is produced by the Non-Profit Association of Michigan.

This is a very helpful booklet for entrepreneurs who are trying to start a non-profit or who are involved in the operation of a non-profit.

Learn the Basics - Tips for Non-Profits

Many people find that the best outlet for their entrepreneurial spirit is to improve the quality of their communities and their world by starting a non-profit organization. But while non-profit and for-profit organizations share many similarities, there are also key differences that can doom even the best of intentions.

Jim Maltry, a SCORE mentor with 26 years of experience in the non-profit community, discusses several of the most important factors to consider when planning and launching a non-profit.


How is the process of starting a non-profit similar to that for starting a small business? How do the processes differ?

About the Author

Jim Maltry Profile

Expert in Nonprofit. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of nonprofit areas. 26 years of experience with the nonprofit community. Experience includes; how to start a nonprofit,  legal requirements, fund raising, board development, recruitment of board members, nonprofit business plans and strategic plans. 

Nonprofits and Reasonable Compensation

Every so often a front page news story will appear citing a seemingly outrageous number as the salary of a nonprofit’s CEO. The question most people ask is how could a tax-exempt organization justly pay someone so much? In rare instances, the CEO in question has manipulated their salary in his or her favor or taken benefits not owed to them. The vast majority of the time, however, the answer rests with what the Internal Revenue Service calls “reasonable compensation.”

Nonprofit Fundraising in the Digital Age

The Internet has changed everything from the way we stay connected to the way you can find a mate, and if it hasn’t changed the way you fundraise for your nonprofit, you’re missing out. While sending canvassers to knock on doors, holding carwashes and auctions will always be solid fundraising strategies, the ideas have been around long enough to become “venerable.”

The Four Rules of a Strong Nonprofit Brand

Many nonprofit organizations spend time crafting a mission statement to clarify their place in the world. But it’s important to remember that these elements aren’t meant to be stored away as archived material in your annual report. These core beliefs should be an everyday yardstick for all of your communications.

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