Improve your business with a Business Scan
A Lake of the Ozarks SCORE Business Scan is like hiring a team of expert consultants. We do an analysis of your entire business to identify opportunities and make recommendations for improving company performance in areas of sales, operations, management, marketing, finance and technology.
A Business Scan is most effective for companies that have been in business for at least two years.
The Business Scan analysis is divided into five phases:
  • Introductory - We review the program and agree on a scope that is appropiate to the business. A scan leader is assigned and assembles a scan team.
  • Diagnostic - We collect business data, observe operations and perform other diagnostic tasks. The result of this phase is a detailed written report that will contain considerations and suggestions for improving company performance.
  • Action Plan - We assist in prioritizing suggestions and developing solutions for the top identified priorities.
  • Implementation - We can lead, participate or generally support the creation and execution of the action plan.
  • Completion - A review meeting is conducted as part of this phase to ensure project goals and objectives were met satisfactory.

There is no charge for the Business Scan since SCORE is a volunteer organization dedicated to foster vibrant small business communities. However, businesses will have to invest time in the project to make it worthwhile for everyone involved.

For further information or to request a Business Scan, call Larry Laminger at 573-346-5441 or by email to